Stairs Fitting Instruction


To Facilitate the stairs installation procedure, we have machined scribed an outline of both angels for RH or LH stairs in the back of each 930mm panel. Transfer the lines over to the face and cut to this line, you now have a template as per figure 1A and figure 2B, which will allow top mark both ends of the stairs Panel “C”; this takes the mystery out of getting the panel joints to fit at the top and bottom of the stairs panel regardless of what angle the stairs is and whether it is right or left hand.


1. Having cut panel “A” as per figure 1, slide outside panel “C” until two top edges meet.

2. Put panel “C” behind “A” and mark cut line as indicated.

3. Fix panel “A” to wall in same position you marked cut line on panel “C”.
4. Having cut panel “B” as per figure 2, slide outside panel “C” until the top edges meet, mark and cut to this line.


5. When fixing pane; “B” to the wall, ensure it is in the same position you marked cut line on panel “C”.
As most will require two panels to cover the stairs string length, once you have cut both end of the stairs panels to fit both the ground and landing panels you can temporarily fix the stairs panels and decide the position to cut to allow the vertical rails you wish to use. Also, this cut must be vertical. The fixing of the vertical panel rails to cover the panel joints where ground and landing panel meets the stairs panel is as follows:



Take a piece of panel rail of sufficient length, cut the rail in half lengthwise, mitre each one half to fit the angle of the stairs panel and one to fit the angle of the ground or landing wainscot panel. When you have both ends ready to fit put some glue on the lengthwise joint you have cut and fix the rails with any normal fixing method. the fixing panel, dado and trim rails is straight forward.