3D moulding process

The unique 3D moulding process that will change the way 3D door panels of all kinds are made in the future. A moulding process that can apply wood veneers, PVC in 0.4 and 0.17mm thickness, reinforced paper foils and the environmentally friendly Safmalle film in 0.12mm thickness. All with the same speciality tooling and substantially reducing production costs at the same time.

The Cost Savings to you

  • Up to 10% cost saving on the grade of MDF substrate required.
  • 15% faster machining of MDF substrate over standard PVC doors, (no corners to machine ).
  • Minimum 30% cost saving when using standard 0.4mm PVC with over-sizing of film representing 25%. 
  • An overall cost saving of 55% is achieved against 0.4mm PVC with the use of the 0.12mm thickness Safmalle film which the technology can apply.
  • Up to minimum 60% saving on film bonding process time due to lower cure times, faster panel lay-up, and take off by mechanical means which process facilitates

Achieve the best looking door in the market

A superior sharpness of moulded profile, not obtainable with PVC films if membrane pressed. A technology that gives you the world’s first solid wood look-a-like cabinet door without the use of dowels, tenonds, dry grooves or joints. A fabricated style door manufactured from one piece substrate eliminating instability in the finished door, unlike all other fabricated door construction. The ability to produce door panels with homogenous internal edge mouldings unlike PVC pressed doors which must use profiled slips to achieve the same result but, adding 30% extra on door cost. Process reduces to the absolute minimum the possibility of film delamination, the ever present problem of membrane pressed door manufacturers world-wide.

And it’s kind to the environment!

This technology reduces the input requirement costs of materials, labour, and power with a corresponding reduction in impact on the environment. The advantages of using micro thin surfacing films are two-fold in that film widths surplus to door sizes maybe applied to linear mouldings, further reducing the waste factor and saving on infill rail film costs We at Rivdal Enterprises look forward to working with you and feel confident that this new manufacturing concept will revitalise your market place. If you have any queries please contact us on info@rivdalenterprises.com