Manufacturing Advantages

The Rivdal door manufacturing process has many unique advantages! Read on further to see the full benefit of how this process will transform your business.

  • Utilise all your panel sawing and routing equipment producing your existing range.
  • Machine the MDF much faster
  • Eliminate the use of dry joints and dowels in assembly
  • Obtain a raised and fielded panel without extra cost
  • Door blanks machined from a solid MDF substrate panel eliminates any instability in the finished door, unlike all other fabricated door constructions
  • Moulded door panels are less subject to bowing after processing
  • A quality product that duplicates and enhances the visual image of the traditional raised and fielded wood door but manufactured using only 3 pieces for kitchen doors and 4 pieces for wardrobe doors
  • A finished door that will give you a market place advantage
  • Moulding technology that can be used for the manufacture of a range of products
  • A manufacturing process kind to the environment


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