Available to potential Licensee’s

Full scale pilot manufacturing unit is available for evaluation and training of personnel at Tippo International Ltd, Kilkeary, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

A similar or enhanced version of the special pilot plant is available from our licensed machinery supplier.

Details of the approved vinyl wrap and adhesive manufacturers.

The complete package to get you up and running.

Patents granted in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Licensing Sequence of events
1. Potential licencees will receive a sample of the product for their evaluation, together with a brief outline of the manufacturing process.
2. The company having satisfied themselves that they wish to persue a license will then advise Rivdal Enterprises of their intentions by email to
3. With a worldwide interest in licensing this process, we find it necessary to have a specific discussion time of 90/120 days for the company to reach a decision
4. For this intense discussion period a fee is payable of €20k is payable to Rivdal Enterprises and will be refunded if a license is subsequently put into place.
5. During the 90/120 day period the company should visit the manufacturing plant in Ireland, to evaluate the equipment in production and confirm production capacity.
6. Assuming a license is then agreed, covering the cost and ongoing royalty payments, Rivdal Develpments Ltd., will then make arrangements with the specialist machinery and materials suppliers to liaise with the company regarding installation and start-up of production.
7. Training of key personnel for the new manufacturing operation could take place in the Irish plant, on an agreed basis of time and remuneration.