Reduce your door production costs

  1. 10% cost saving on the grade of MDF substrate required
  2. 15% faster machining of MDF substrate
  3. Minimum 30% cost saving when using standard 0.4 PVC
  4. A further 40% cost saving is achieved with the use of the 0.17mm PVC thickness which the technology can apply.
  5. Minimum 50% saving on film bonding process time
  6. A superior sharpness of moulded profile, not obtainable with PVC films if membranes are pressed.
  7. A technology that gives you the world’s first solid wood look-a-like cabinet door without the use of dowels, tenonds, dry grooves or joints.
  8. The ability to produce door panels with homogenous internal edge mouldings unlike PVC pressed doors which must use loose profiled slips to achieve the same result but, adding 30% extra on the door cost
  9. Process reduces to the absolute minimum the possibility of film delamination, the ever present problem of membrane pressed door manufacturers world-wide.
  10. Technology that reduces the input requirement costs of materials, labour, and power with a corresponding reduction on impact on the environment

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