The affordable quick fit wainscot panels. Add character, style and architectural decor to any room or office. 

• Adds style and Character
• Superior finish –ready to install and paint.
• Available in any length
• Suitable for all types of rooms, halls and stairs
• Utilise all your panel sawing and routing equipment producing your existing range.
• Machine the MDF much faste
• Eliminate the use of dry joints and dowels in assembly
• Obtain a raised and fielded panel without extra cost

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Coffin Products

Rivdal coffin panels use our revolutionary technology that’s cost effective and kind to the environment.

Advantages of Dec-o-Panel range of Coffin and Casket panels.

• Get the solid wood look without the solid wood cost.
• Add a new competitive product to your offering
• Rivdal Panels offer high profit margins
• Suitable for both burial and cremation

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Are you a door manufacturer?

If so, Rivdal Enterprises can help you lower your manufacturing costs with a breakthrough process in 3D Moulding.

The unique 3D moulding process that will change the way 3D door panels of all kinds are made in the future. A moulding process that can apply wood veneers, PVC in 0.4 and 0.17mm thickness, reinforced paper foils and the environmentally friendly Safmalle film in 0.12mm thickness. All with the same speciality tooling and substantially reducing production costs at the same time.
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